Art of the Hunt Gallery


From mid-June to mid-November, the work of more than twenty five contemporary nationally and internationally acclaimed artists is exhibited in the gallery barn.

"Typical art gallery visitors may frown on the thought of displaying brilliant artwork in a barn" was one critic's initial comment.

"Think again. Once you're inside, you know it's's's perfect, in fact. The setting is warm and inviting as you wander through the three stories of exhibits."

The gallery is located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains approximately 180 miles north of New York City and is open to the public by appointment.

Guests may also view the clubhouse, outdoor sculpture, gardens and nature trails.

Virginia Mallon, the proprietor and Gallery Director, is a former Pan Am executive who traveled extensively in Africa and brings a global perspective to the business.

A visit to the Art of the Hunt gallery is a must on the list of lovers of the outdoors and is a perfect way to experience the natural beauty of life.

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